Our Mission


ChartWe exist to inspire and empower the eco-conscious individual to confidently live a “greener” lifestyle.

We envision a world where our customers are the leaders in creating a greener economy and society. We believe this is possible when green consciousness is placed squarely at the center of one’s personal convictions and choices; where changing the world begins by changing oneself. As an organization, we wish to contribute both the products and knowledge that can help individuals achieve this end with confidence.

Products you can trust

  1. All products we carry are carefully vetted to ensure they are truly environmentally superior 

  2. We rely on customer feedback to establish that these products are indeed comparable or better in terms of their effectiveness in fulfilling their intended purpose.

  3. Products are priced to compete with anyone, ensuring their affordability to the average household.

This approach is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If any product we sell fails to meet the highest environmental standards, performs poorly, or is offered by a competitor at a cheaper price, we will make it right, period.

Knowledge that you need

Not only do we provide products that can be trusted, but also information that can be used to make better purchasing decisions. Our blog, podcast, social media, and newsletters are an ongoing resource for those looking to improve their own environmental knowledge. Whether these are used to understand why we offer the products we do, or to make more informed purchases at a local store, it is our explicit purpose to have simply contributed to this improved decision-making.