Tree Planting Program

Planting SeedlingWhen you purchase a product from any store, but particularly from an online store, there is shipping and packaging involved. Shipping and packaging uses natural resources such as oil and wood. It also produces pollution and waste. In particular, it produces CO2, which contributes to global climate change.

It is difficult to quantify exactly how much pollution, waste, and natural resources are involved in the average transaction. There are many factors involved and retailers, especially online ones, are hesitant to share data.

At Little Green Store we want to offset these environmental costs of purchasing from us as best we can. We do this by ensuring our packaging uses minimal resources and produces minimal waste. We also plant a tree for every order we receive

Each spring and fall we calculate the number of orders we have received and we plant that number of tree seedlings on land near our store in Indiana. We do not pay some other organization to plant our trees or do other activities that offset carbon, we literally plant the tree ourselves by hand. That way we know, and so do you, that our promise is fulfilled.

Does planting one tree (over its life) offset the carbon and resources used in any given purchase? Possibly, because we know that it does a lot, but it is difficult to know for sure because of the complexity of the variables involved. Whether it does or not doesn't matter that much to us, we do it anyways because it is doing something proactive and it moves us in the right direction, which is ultimately our goal as an organization.

For more information about our tree planting program, contact us at: